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Kartu PNS Elektronik (KPE)

A collaboration agreement was signed on January 2006 between IRIS and PT. Superintending Company of Indonesia (SUCOFINDO) and PT. Data Aksara Matra (DAM). SUCOFINDO had earlier today, secured a contract worth approximately USD 20 million with Badan Kepegawaian Negara, the National Civil Service Agency (BKN) for the Kartu PNS elektronik (KPE) project in Indonesia.
BKN plans to re-register approximately 4 million government employees in Indonesia with this KPE system. A feasibility test and pilot run will take place in the next four months and the national rollout is expected to be completed within 3 years’ time. KPE is a multi application chip based card. Incorporating fingerprint biometrics verification, the system offers a more effective method to identify and authenticate government employees. This KPE system is also designed to facilitate payment and transactions with PT. Asuransi Kesehatan Indonesia (ASKES) for health insurance, Badan Pertimbangan Tabungan Perumahan Pegawai Negeri Sipil (BAPERTARUM) for housing subsidies and PT. TASPEN for pension funds, among others. The KPE is also expected to be integrated with e-wallet and debit payment services, in cooperation with financial institutions in Indonesia.
IRIS, SUCOFINDO and DAM are also jointly commissioned by the Indonesian Government to run the project based on a Build Operate Transfer (BOT) model with a concession period of 10 years. This USD 20 million project will be funded by a financial institution and the sum invested shall be repaid from revenue generated from the KPE system during the concession period




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